Pearl Solid/Vertical Vinylester Glue

Pearl Solid/Vertical Vinylester Glue

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Pearl Solid/Vertical Vinylester Glue

GTS Pearl Vinylester Glue is formulated to provide stronger mechanical bonding compared to polyester glues.

Its very light/white pearlescent colour makes it ideal for invisible joints, especially on light/white coloured stones. Perfect for seaming, laminating, chip repair and mitred edges on all types of natural and engineered stones.

The light pearlescent colour makes it easy to add GTS Colouring Pastes for perfect colour matching.

To retain its “pearlescent” colour, ONLY use the specified amount of hardener (BPO) and ONLY use hardener supplied by GTS.

Available in 900ml tins (includes one hardener (BPO) paste).


Technical Info

Consistency Smooth Paste
Mix Ratio 1% – 3% BPO
Gel Time 3 – 5 minutes
Cure Time 20 minutes
Shelf Life 1 – 2 years
Location Indoor
Materials Natural & Engineered Stones
Applications Seaming, Laminating, Mitre Joints, Crack/Chip Repair

Be sure to TEST each substrate for bonding and appearance prior to the actual application.

Use: To achieve the best results, the contact surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Before adding the hardener, the resin may be tinted with GTS Colouring Paste to match the colour of the stone. The resin is then thoroughly mixed with no more than 1%-3% of the white paste hardener (BPO) by weight. At a temperature of 70°F (21°C), the mixture stays workable for 4-6 minutes. Higher temperatures shorten the working time and lower temperatures extend the working time. After 20-30 minutes, the adhesive is fully cured and work can continue with the stone. For white marble, be sure to test for shadowing and colour match prior to application. For indoor use only. Do NOT store above 75°F (24°C).

Storage: Store indoors at room temperature. Do NOT store above 75°F (24°C). High heat and cold temperatures will adversely affect the shelf life. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and where freeze/thaw conditions may exist.

Vehicle Temperature

Outside Temp Inside Temp Inside Temp
10 mins 30 mins
70°F (21°c) 89°F (32°c) 104°F (40°c)
75°F (24°c) 94°F (34°c) 109°F (43°c)
80°F (27°c) 99°F (37°c) 114°F (46°c)
85°F (29°c) 104°F (40°c) 119°F (49°c)
90°F (32°c) 109°F (43°c) 124°F (51°c)
95°F (35°c) 114°F (46°c) 129°F (54°c)


Stone-Stik Pearl Solid/Vertical Glue Safety Data Sheets (SDS)