Square Vacuum/Suction Cups

Square Vacuum/Suction Cups

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Square Vacuum/Suction Cups

We offer a comprehensive range of Vacuum/Suction Cups to suit all the popular makes of CNC including; Bavelloni, Bimatech, Breton, CMS Brembana, CMS Concept, Cobalm, Denver, Donatoni, Intermac, Northwood, Omag, Park Industries, Prussiani, Poseidon, Scandinvent and Thibaut.

All prices shown are for Vacuum/Suction Cups with top and bottom air inlets.

Vacuum/Suction Cups with bottom mechanical fixing are available at +15% extra cost to prices quoted.

Please note: These products are a non-stock made to order item. Manufacturing time is approximately 5-10 working days + shipping from receipt of order.

CSS200190 CSS200149 CSS200105 CSS200070 CSS150190 CSS150149 CSS150105 CSS150070 CSS100190 CSS100149 CSS100105 CSS100070

Technical Info

CNC Machine Vacuum/Suction Cup Heights

Machine Type Height (mm) Air Inlet (mm)
Bavelloni 124.50 8
Bimatech 140 10
Breton 90/150 8
CMS Brembana 200 6
CMS Concept 100 6
Cobalm 120 8
Denver 120 8
Donatoni 120 8
Intermac 105 8
Intermac Plus 213 8
Northwood 105 8
Omag 105 8
Park Industries 105 8
Poseidon 105 8
Prussiani 240 8
Scandinvent 200 6
Thibaut 149 8