Sludge Dehydrators

Sludge Dehydrators

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New sludge dehydrators constructed in galvanized box section, complete with 2 x bags (90L x 90W x 125cm – 1000 Kg).

The sludge, decanted into special tanks or inside the silo and is sent through a submersible pump directly inside the bags.

The dehydration process filters the sludge through the bag, compacting and solidifies the solid material inside the bag itself.

Once saturated, the bag is removed from the frame using a forklift or crane.

Price for minimum order of 10 replacement bags (90L x 90W x 125cm): EUR €150

Can also be manufactured and supplied with 1 or 3 bags. Prices available on request.

​Price (including delivery to UK): €2400.00

Reference : GTSMAC006