Radial Arm Polishing System (RAPS)

For Granite and Quartz/Engineered Stone

Radial Arm Polishing System (RAPS)

For Granite and Quartz/Engineered Stone

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Radial Arm Polishing System (RAPS)

Diamond polishing system for wet grinding and re-polishing granite and engineered stone on Bremor/Jenny Lind/Ravelli/Thibaut type semi-automatic machines.

The first two grades are metal bond with resin infill, which are for stock removal such as grinding out an inscription on a head stone or scratched work top. The resin infill ensures the stone doesn’t “blow out” when the RAPS disc passes over the edge of the stone (recommend maximum 30% of the disc overlaps the stone edge). There are a further six resin bond grades available (without infill) to take the stone up to a high gloss mechanical finish.

Available in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and Black Buff grit (for black granite), 250mm diameter with QRS/Velcro backing.

RAP10M0050 RAP10M0100 RAP10R0200 RAP10R0400 RAP10R0800 RAP10R1500 RAP10R3000 RAP10RBUFF RAP10CSET

Technical Info

Keep RAPS discs moving when in contact with stone surface, as if left stationary in one place stone can overheat, burn and or leave swirl marks particularly on quartz/engineered stone, which can be difficult to remove.

Also when polishing near or close to the edge of the stone, the RAPS disc mustn’t go more than 30% maximum of its diameter over the edge, as this can tip the disc and damage/break off the diamond segments.

Must be used wet.

Diameter (mm) Dry Use (RPM) Wet Use (RPM)
250 500