Quartzite Parallel Router

For Hard Granite and Quartzite

Quartzite Parallel Router

For Hard Granite and Quartzite

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Quartzite Parallel Router

Our Quartzite CNC Router was developed for hard problematic materials like Taj Mahal and can also be used on some of the very hard granites.

Available in D22 x L45 x 7 Segments, with central water feed and ½” BSP fitting.


Technical Info

Dimensions (mm) Spindle Speed (RPM) Feed Rate (mm/min)
D22 x L45 x 7 Segments 5500-7500 200-500

It is essential when machining any hard/problematic stones that a sufficient number of suction/vacuum cups are used to hold the material in place and to reduce vibration. These should be positioned on all sides of the sink cut-out, including front and back rails (use clamps if available) and use at least three or four suction cups inside the bowl to secure the cut-out.

When installing our Quartzite Router set tool height so the bottom of the diamond segments clear the underside of the stone.

*Reduce spindle speed for the first 2000mm when the router is new (minimum 150mm/min feed rate) and gradually increase in increments of +10% steps,ensuring Amps reading and sound of the router is okay whilst in use.

**Must be used wet with ample water feed.