Portable Water Chuck

Portable Water Chuck

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Our Portable Water Chuck converts standard handheld pistol drills with a central water feed, for use with diamond core drills up to 50mm diameter.

The Portable Water Chuck comes complete with a 1/2″ BSP Female Fitting – 1/2″ Parallel Shank to fit most drill chucks, a water feed pipe with tap and brass hose pipe connector.

It can also be converted for use with M14 Fitting core drills by adding an M14-1/2″ BSP Adaptor.

We recommend that our Portable Water Chuck be used in conjunction with a drill guide and when using our Thinwall CNC, DL200 CNC or Solid Drill Bits, IT MUST be used with a fixed drilling rig, for a smooth controlled downward feed and to ensure the drill remains at 90° to the stone. If used freehand these drills will snag and break due to the thinness of the wall thickness, with the diamond segment coming away from the body.

Note: Always run drills at the correct spindle speed (RPM). Do not force the drill, let the diamond do the work.

DO NOT use hammer setting.