MB Large Core Drills

For Granite and Quartz/Engineered Stone

MB Large Core Drills

For Granite and Quartz/Engineered Stone

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MB Core Drills

Large diameter metal bond (MB) diamond core drills, ideal for wet cutting corners of hob cut-outs and electrical pop-up sockets on CNC and semi-automatic machines in granite, hard marbles and quartz/engineered stone up to 40mm thick.

The internal and external vacuum brazed diamond strips protect the drill walls and stop the stone slug/pellet from jamming inside the drill.

Available in 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 and 120mm diameter, with 7mm high segment and ½” BSP fitting.


Technical Info

All Dry/Wet Core Drills – Various

Diameter (mm) Recommended (RPM) Maximum (RPM)
60 950 1270
70 810 1090
80 710 950
90 630 840
100 570 750
110 520 690
120 470 630


  • Must be used wet with sufficient central and external water feed.
  • Clean thread and fitting before loading any new core drill.
  • Enter stone slowly.
  • Drill granite/quartz (Engineered stone) in one pass, do not peck drill.
  • Re-sharpen with dressing stick (reducing 50% RPM) if/when drill glazes.