Marble Polishing Discs

For Marble and Limestone

Marble Polishing Discs

For Marble and Limestone

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Marble Polishing Discs

Whilst we recommend our Marble Polishing Discs for marble and limestone, these discs are also suitable for polishing a large variety of materials including granite, terrazzo, natural stone, engineered stone, glass, ceramics and hard metals.

There are six grades within the set. The first four grades 50-400 are electroplated diamond (M) and can be used wet or dry and the last two grades 800 and 1500 are resin (R) and must be used wet.

Available in 100mm diameter with QRS backing and colour coded for easy grade identification.

MPD40050 MPD40100 MPD40200 MPD40400 MPD40800 MPD41500 MPD4CSET

Technical Info

Diameter (mm) Dry Use (RPM) Wet Use (RPM)
100 1500-2000 3000-4000

Note: Only Metal grades (50-400) can be used dry.