Jumbo Z70 Profile Wheels

Jumbo Z70 Profile Wheels

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Jumbo Z70 Profile Wheels

New generation diamond polishing wheels with a difference. Due to their 70mm effective length, GTS Jumbo Wheels can be set up to run as multiple programme sequences. Use them in a variety of ways i.e.; top half for 30mm thick stone and the bottom half for 20mm, alternatively 30+30, 20+20+20 or oscillate on a low frequency and use the full face width.

Suitable for granite, marble (Pos. 1-4 only) and quartz/engineered stone.

Available in Pos. 1-7, 45mm diameter x 70 diamond length x 22H bore fitting.

Z45JP1 Z45JP2 Z45JP3 Z45JP4 Z45JP5 Z45JP6 Z45JP7 Z45JCS

Technical Info

Position Recommended (RPM) Feed Rate (mm/min) Maximum Stock Removal (mm)
Pos.1 4000-5500 400-600 1.0
Pos.2 4000-5500 400-800 0.5-0.6
Pos.3 4000-5500 400-800 0.2-0.3
Pos.4 4000-4500 400-800 0.1
Pos.5 2500 600-1000 0.05
Pos.6 2500 600-1000 0.05
Pos.7 2500 600-1000 0.05

*Can be used with or without oscillation.

**Wet use only.