HS200 Bridge Saw Blade

HS200 Bridge Saw Blade

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HS200 Bridge Saw Blade

Our HS200 silent centre blade, has been developed for high production. The majority of our stone worktop fabricator client’s production is split approximately 70% engineered/quartz stone and 30% granite, so we have formulated our diamond bonds accordingly, so our blades can comfortably cut 30mm stone in one pass at 2-4 metres per minute feed rate (subject to machine conditions and sufficient water feed).

Available in 400mm diameter x 20H Segment x 60/50mm +1 bore fitting to fit most popular brands of CNC saw.

Technical Info

HS200 Bridge Saw Blade

Diameter (mm) PS (m/s) min RPM max RPM
400 32-35 1528 1671

PS = Peripheral Speed in metres per second, RPM = Revolutions Per Minute.


400mm HS200 Blade cutting 20mm Quartz at 4100mm/min feed rate


400mm HS200 Blade cutting 30mm Quartz at 2500mm/min feed rate