DL200 Mitre Bridge Saw Blade

DL200 Mitre Bridge Saw Blade

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Our DL200 Mitre Blade has been developed for Sintered, UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces) and porcelain stones including Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® and Neolith®.

The DL200 is manufactured using an extra strong reinforced silent centre body that keeps the blade more rigid, reduces noise and vibration and helps to produce crisp, clean edges on both mitred and straight cuts.

Available in 400mm diameter x 10mm high segment x 60/50mm bore. The DL200 comes with the added extra of 1 drive pin hole to suit Donatoni CNC Saws.


Technical Info

DL200 Mitre Bridge Saw Blade

Slab/Tile Thickness (mm) Minimum RPM Maximum RPM Feed Rate m/min
3-5 1700 2100 1.5 – 1.8
8 1700 2100 1.2 – 1.5
12 1700 2100 1.0 – 1.2
20 1700 2100 0.6 – 1.0
30 1700 2100 0.4 – 0.6

Note: The feed rates shown above are recommended for straight cutting the majority of Sintered/UCS/Porcelain stones except Dekton® Aura and Dekton® Zenith. These materials should be cut at a maximum 0.50m/min on 20mm thickness.

When 45° mitre cutting any Sintered/UCS/Porcelain stones, the feed rate must be reduced by 30-40%.

Feed rates must also be reduced by 40-50% when entering and exiting the cut.

DL200 Mitre Blade must always be used wet, with sufficient water flow.

Pre-Cutting: Sintered/UCS/Porcelain stones must be cut on a flat solid wood or rubber bed/table, as the blade can blow out the stone when entering and exiting if the ends are mid-air/overhanging on a slatted bed.

Tension Cuts: All Sintered/UCS/Porcelain stone slabs need to be trimmed on all four sides to reduce tension. We recommend the thickness + 10mm (i.e. 20mm thick stone + 10mm = 30mm trimmed on all four sides) prior to cutting stone to template.

Tension cuts must be carried out in the following sequence:-

  • First cut: One of the long edges.
  • Second cut: One short edge in the direction of first cut.
  • Third cut: The other long edge in the direction of second cut.
  • Fourth cut: The remaining short edge (can be cut in either direction).



DL200 Bridge Saw Blade cutting Dekton material.