DL200 Bridge Saw Blades

DL200 Bridge Saw Blades

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samples cut with DL200 Blade

Samples cut with DL200 Blade

Our DL200 blades have been developed for UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces) and porcelain type materials including Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® and Neolith® and can be used for straight cutting and mitring for built up edge details.

Since first developing our original DL200 blade, we have now extended the range for more refined cutting of individual materials. The blades are colour coded as follows for easy identification;

DL200 ORIGINAL: Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® Neolith®, Gres
DL200 BLUE : Laminam®, Kerlite, Neolith®, Gres
DL200 RED: Lapitec®
DL200 YELLOW: Dekton, Dekton® Zenith

Available in 400 and 450mm diameter with 10mm high segment and 60/50mm bore.

Note: Ensure slabs are fully supported underneath, as blade can blow out the stone when entering and exiting if the ends are mid air/overhanging the saw bed slats.
All DL200 Blades must be used wet.

Technical Info

(PS = Peripheral Speed in metres per second)

DL200 Original

Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® Neolith®, Gres

Diameter (mm)PS (m/s)min RPMmax RPM
400 ( CNC )35-4016712200

Feed rate: Max 1.20m/min on 20mm thickness (depending on hardness of the porcelain). Mitre cutting feed rate = 0.7m/min.


DL200 Blue

Laminam®, Kerlite, Neolith®, Gres

Diameter (mm)PS (m/s)min RPMmax RPM

Feed rate: 1.00-1.50m/min on 12mm thickness (depending on hardness of the porcelain).


DL200 Red


Diameter (mm)PS (m/s)min RPMmax RPM

Feed rate: Max 1.00m/min on 20mm thickness.


DL200 Yellow

Dekton®, Dekton® Zenith

Diameter (mm)PS (m/s)min RPMmax RPM

Feed rate: Max 1.20m/min on 20mm thickness. Dekton® Zenith: Max 0.50m/min on 20mm thickness.


DL200 Bridge Saw Blade cutting Dekton material.