Granito-LP Bridge Saw Blades

Granito-LP Bridge Saw Blades

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Granito-LP Bridge Saw Blades

High performance Italian manufactured silent centre diamond blades, with 15mm high split segment, designed to offer fast, clean, cool cutting on all types of granite and engineered/quartz stone.  The Granito-LP specially formulated bond makes it suitable for use on both low and high powered machines.

Available in 350, 400, 450, 500 and 600mm diameter all with 60/50mm bore.

SCG15350 SCG15400 SCG15450 SCG15500 SCG15600

Technical Info

Granito-LP Bridge Saw Blades

Blade Diameter


Hard Granites


Soft Granites


350 1364 1637
400 1194 1433
450 1061 1273
500 995 1146
600 796 955

*  wet use only


400mm Granito-LP blade cutting 30mm quartz