Drainer Groove Polishing Wheels

Drainer Groove Polishing Wheels

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Drainer Groove Polishing Wheels

High quality diamond resin bond drainer groove wet polishing wheels for granite and quartz/engineered stone, used in conjunction with either electroplated or vacuum brazed drainer groove forming wheels.

To ensure best results wheels must be run wet at a maximum spindle speed of 1500-2000rpm.

Available in 120, 200, 400, 1000, 2000 and Felt Buff grade, 10mm wide x r5 and 12.7mm wide x r6.35, both 100mm diameter with 22.2mm bore.

EMW0432 SMP170 SMP175 SMP180 SMP185 SMP190 BMP208 EMW0431 SMP205 SMP210 SMP215 SMP220 SMP225 BMP210

Technical Info

Diameter/Disc Type (mm) Recommended
100mm x r5 1100 2000
100mm x r6.35 1100 2000

*Wet use only.