DL200 CNC Drills

DL200 CNC Drills

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DL-200 CNC Drills

DL200 CNC Drills cut fast, clean holes in Gres, UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces) and porcelain type materials including Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® and Neolith®.

Suitable for all types of CNC and semi-automatic machines.

Available in 6, 10, 20, 25, 30 and 35mm diameter with central water feed and ½” BSP fitting .

CDL2D006 CDL2D035 CDL2D030 CDL2D025 CDL2D020 CDL2D010

Technical Info

DL-200 CNC Drills

Drill Diameter
RPM Feed Rate
6-20 2500-4000 20-30
20-30 1800-2500 20-30
30-40 1000-1800 20-30
  • It is essential that our DL200 drills are used with both good internal and external water feed, otherwise drill will “melt” and fail due to heat.
  • Always check that tool holder is in good condition. Clean thread before loading any new DL200 CNC Drill.
  • Enter stone slowly.
  • DL200 Drills must be used with central water feed.
  • Drill UCS/Sintered Stone in one pass, do not peck drill.
  • Re-sharpen with dressing stick (reducing 50% RPM) if/when drill glazes.


Timelapse video showing DL200 CNC Drill cutting Dekton material