DL2 Parallel Router

DL2 Parallel Router

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DL-2 Parallel Router

High quality metal bond router for porcelain type materials including Dekton, Lapitec and Neolith.

Suitable to be used wet on all types of CNC machines.

Available in 20mm diameter x 40L segment with ½” BSP fitting.

Technical Info

Dimensions (mm)Recommended (RPM)Feed Rate (mm/min)
20D x 40L x 5 seg4000-5000150-250

It is essential when machining Porcelain type materials that a sufficient number of suction/vacuum cups are used to hold the stone in place and to reduce vibration. They should be positioned on all sides of the sink cut-out, including front and back rails (use clamps if available) and use at least two suction cups offset to one another, to secure the cut-out.

When installing our DL1 Router set tool height so the stone is machined using the top part of the diamond segment, this helps reduce vibration and minimise any possible breakages.

**Reduce spindle speed for first 2000mm when router is new.

**Wet use only.


Timelapse video showing various tools including the DL1, cutting Dekton material