DL2 Parallel Router

DL2 Parallel Router

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DL-2 Parallel Router

Our DL200 CNC Routers have been developed for fabricating Gres, UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces) and porcelain type materials including Dekton®, Laminam®, Lapitec® and Neolith®.

Available in two segment lengths 20D x 25L and 20D x 40L with central water feed and ½” BSP fitting.

Technical Info

Dimensions (mm)Recommended (RPM)Feed Rate (mm/min)
20D x 25L x 5 seg4000-5000150-250
20D x 40L x 5 seg4000-5000150-250

It is essential when machining UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces) and porcelain type materials that a sufficient number of suction/vacuum cups are used to hold the stone in place and to reduce vibration. They should be positioned on all sides of the sink cut-out, including front and back rails (use clamps if available) and use at least two suction cups offset to one another, to secure the cut-out.

When installing our DL2 Routers set tool height so the bottom of the diamond segments clear the underside of the stone.

*Reduce spindle speed for first 2000mm when router is new (minimum 150mm/min feed rate).

**Must be used wet with ample water feed.


Timelapse video showing various tools including the DL1, cutting Dekton material