Diamond Antiquing Wheels

For Granite

Diamond Antiquing Wheels

For Granite

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Diamond Antiquing Wheels

GTS Antiquing Wheels are used to produce a textured “leather ” finish on granite by grinding/wearing down the softer, less dense stone.

Manufactured using DuPont diamond-impregnated bristles/wires our Antiquing Wheels are most commonly run on CNC and semi-automatic machines.

Available in nine grades 36, 46, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 and 500 grit, in 110mm and 130mm diameter with dual snail lock and M14 fitting.

Must be used wet.

DAW4500 DAW4320 DAW4240 DAW4180 DAW4120 DAW4080 DAW4060 DAW4046 DAW4036 DAW5036 DAW5046 DAW5060 DAW5080 DAW5120 DAW5180 DAW5240 DAW5320 DAW5500

Technical Info

Diameter (mm) Maximum (RPM)
110 1800
130 1800

*Must be used wet