Circular Vacuum/Suction Cups

Circular Vacuum/Suction Cups

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Circular Vacuum/Suction Cups

We offer a comprehensive range of Vacuum/Suction Cups to suit all the popular makes of CNC including; Bavelloni, Bimatech, Breton, CMS Brembana, CMS Concept, Cobalm, Denver, Donatoni, Intermac, Northwood, Omag, Park Industries, Prussiani, Poseidon, Scandinvent and Thibaut.

All prices shown are for Vacuum/Suction Cups with top and bottom air inlets.

Vacuum/Suction Cups with bottom mechanical fixing are available at +15% extra cost to prices quoted.

Please note: These products are a non-stock made to order item. Manufacturing time is approximately 5-10 working days + shipping from receipt of order.

CSCR200190 CSC065070 CSC065105 CSC065149 CSC065190 CSC080070 CSC080105 CSC080149 CSC080190 CSC110070 CSC110105 CSC110149 CSC110190 CSC130070 CSC130105 CSC130149 CSC130190 CSC150070 CSC150105 CSC150149 CSC150190 CSC200070 CSC200105 CSC200149 CSC200190 CSC250070 CSC250105 CSC250149 CSC250190

Technical Info

CNC Machine Vacuum/Suction Cup Heights

Machine Type Height (mm) Air Inlet (mm)
Bavelloni 124.50 8
Bimatech 140 10
Breton 90/150 8
CMS Brembana 200 6
CMS Concept 100 6
Cobalm 120 8
Denver 120 8
Donatoni 120 8
Intermac 105 8
Intermac Plus 213 8
Northwood 105 8
Omag 105 8
Park Industries 105 8
Poseidon 105 8
Prussiani 240 8
Scandinvent 200 6
Thibaut 149 8