Straight Cup Wheels

Straight Cup Wheels

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Straight Cup Wheels

Our Straight Carborundum Cup wheels are dual purpose, the side of the wheel can be used for grinding/smoothing down radii and internal bowl cut-outs and the bottom face for edges and chamfers in preparation for polishing.

Carborundum Cup Wheels are most commonly used dry, however can also be used wet.

Available in 36, 60, 120 and 220 grit, dimensions 100 diameter x 46mm thick with M14 fitting.


Technical Info

Prior to fitting the Cup Wheels directly onto the M14 spindle of the grinder polisher, check that there are no cracks, damage or hair line fractures to the resin. If there is any evidence of damage do not use – throw it away immediately, as this product can potentially be very dangerous if abused or run too fast.

Recommended (RPM) Maximum (RPM)
2000-3000 8600


60 grit Straight Carborundum Cup Wheel forming chamfer on top edge of stone