Automatic QRS Edging Wheels

Automatic QRS Edging Wheels

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Automatic QRS Edging Wheels

Diamond resin bond polishing wheels for granite, quartz/engineered and UCS stones, which are quick and easy to install on all types of automatic horizontal and vertical inline edge polishers due to the QRS/Velcro backing.

The special resin pattern stops the wheels from running dry by trapping water/coolant in the face of the wheel, critical when polishing quartz/engineered stone and the neutral coloured resin ensures there is no residue or staining left on lighter coloured stones.

Wheel sequences can be mixed and matched depending on the number of heads available and the colour and stone type being polished.

All wheels must be used wet and run straight with no oscillation mode.

Our wheels are colour coded for easy grade identification and are available in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and Light Buff grades, 125mm diameter.

AQEW5BUFF AQEW53000 AQEW51500 AQEW50800 AQEW50400 AQEW50200 AQEW50100 AQEW50050 AQEW5CSET

Technical Info

Automatic Edge Polishing Wheels – Various

Feed Rate
125/QRS 2-3 800-1200

*Wet use only with no oscillation.