Health and Safety

We take our customers’ health and safety very seriously and provide the correct working parameters for our tooling to ensure operator safety and optimum performance.

  • Prior to working with any of our products ensure machines are complete and in good working order, with all necessary guards.
  • Check safety precautions are in place and that the working area is clear of any obstructions that may impede the machine operator.
  • Relevant safety wear must be worn at all times, including goggles/glasses, ear defenders, dust masks, gloves and protective clothing.
  • Never run any of our products in excess of the recommended working speeds as this may lead to injury.
  • Always check settings on machines prior to starting work (this is imperative on variable speed grinder/polishers).
  • Tools must not be used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (please consult your doctor if you are taking any prescribed medication).

For more information and troubleshooting information on cutting blades and core drills please visit our website at If in doubt please contact our office prior to using the product.


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